Nelly Sengupta Bio, who raised voice against his motherland for India’s independence

Nelly Sengupta Bio

Nelly Sengupta Bio, who raised voice against his motherland for India’s independence

When one’s country is living in slavery, then how can people of that country live their life independently? No one likes to do any slavery to another person. That is why no one puts his power to free his motherland. When his country is free, then he has the guts to achieve a great success. But it is no wonder that some person liberated their own country.

But if a person works for his whole life to liberate another country, then it becomes a very big thing. And this thing becomes even more special when a person of the ruling country, to liberate the slave country, raises his voice against his own motherland.

Nelly Sengupta Bio
Nelly Sengupta Bio

We are about to tell you about a similar person who raised a voice against their own surname to liberate a slave country like India. He was a person who fought against his own country and served with true heart to liberate India. The name of such a special person was Nelly Sengupta – Nellie Sengupta. The complete information of this great Nelly Sengupta is given below.

Nellie Sengupta – Nelly Sengupta came to India even after being an English woman and she served her entire life for the people here. Even after being a citizen of another country, he proved himself to be a true Indian patriot.

She was an amazing woman in which all the qualities of being a good person were present. Even after being an English woman, he came to India and embraced great qualities like sacrifice, sacrifice. In the nineteenth century, the age of the Navyugas was originally represented by them also.

Life of Nelly Sengupta – Nellie Sengupta Jeevan Parichay

Nelly Sengupta was born on 12 January 1886. Frederick William Gray and Edith Henrieta Gray were their parents. When he was studying in England, he met with patriot Jatindra Mohan Sengupta at that time.

Both used to love each other and later they got married. After the marriage, she treated her husband as a country and served India. They used to always try to liberate the country together with her husband. They wanted India to be liberated from the slavery of the British.

In order to liberate India, he ultimately raised a voice against the British and left his native place forever. They used to play with their husbands in every difficulty and always used to help them in the freedom of the country.

But when they got married in India, their family members doubted whether they would be able to get together in the joint family. But in a very short time, his suspicion ended as he had learned to live well in the joint family in a short span of time.

In family life, she was an ideal couple, but on the political level, she proved herself as a perfect couple. Nelly Sengupta’s temperament was so good that his father-in-law was very impressed with them, and in this regard, he wrote a letter to Nelly Sengupta’s mother and said that Nelly handles her family and husband very well.

Without Nelly’s help and assistance, Jatindra Mohan could not have succeeded in his objective. In the field of politics, Jatinder Mohan got inspiration to work with his wife. Nelly Sengupta was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu to work for the country.

During the non-cooperation movement, when he was selling khadi clothes in Chitagong, he was arrested. In this way they had to live in captivity to fulfill the purpose of their husband.

When her husband Bengal was providing railing for the workers of Assam Railway and workers working on tea cultivation, their wife helped her at that time. Her husband was sitting on the ground because the workers of tea farming were stuck in Chandrapur and the British police were oppressing them at that time.

When Jatindra Mohan became very poor, Nelly worked to continue her husband’s political work. When the civil disobedience movement was going on in the country, Nelyi went to Delhi and Amritsar along with her husband to complete political work. Wahapar Jatinder Mohan gave a political speech, for which he was arrested later.

The place where the ban was imposed in Delhi was given by Wahaper Nelly, for which he was arrested and he had to stay in prison for four months. In 1933, Nelly was elected Congress president.

He made valuable contribution in the freedom of the country. He was also made the Alderman of Calcutta Corporation.

After the partition of the country, Nelly lived in her husband’s ancestral home. They used to do social work with dedication. He was elected from Chittagaang without opposition for the East Pakistan Assembly.

Nelly Sengupta was a very radical revolutionary. They came to India and served a lot of people here.

Their only purpose was to free India from the slavery of Angrajo in any way. For him, he organized various kinds of movement. He had to be arrested several times for the movement he used to be. He was in prison many times. He was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu to serve the nation. He also gave full support to politics. He also worked as president of the Congress once. Great people like them get very little see. Great people like them do not get repeatedly.

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