Introduction of freedom fighter Sagarmal Gopa

Sagarmal GOpa Bio

Introduction of freedom fighter Sagarmal Gopa

Revolutionary is not made to liberate the country, but the revolutionaries themselves become themselves. To become a revolutionary or a patriot, there is no need to go to any place to get training. When the situation is contrary, the revolutionary birth is born automatically. There is something similar about a similar revolutionary who was from Jaisalmer. The name of this patriot was Sagarmal Gopa – Sagarmal Gopa  . They never thought that they would become revolutionary later.

Life of freedom fighter Sagarmal Gopa – Sagarmal Gopa

But seeing the opposite environment of the kind of environment they had, they got inspiration to become revolutionary themselves. The people in which they lived were oppressed on the people. All this was not seen from them and they raised their voices against them, faced difficulties. Today, we are going to get you the information of this great patriot Sagarmal Gopa.

sagarmal gopa bio
sagarmal gopa bio

Freedom fighter Sagarmal Gopa was born on November 3, 1900. He was from a well-known Brahmin family and his ancestor was working at the Jaisalmer post of Rajguru. His father, Akhi used to work under Jaisalmer rule.

When the Sagarmas were growing up, their state’s view of the country’s independence was very different at that time. Because of this, he started getting very upset and due to which he got the inspiration to give freedom to the country. After that Sagarmal Gopa went to Nagpur along with his family to liberate the country.

Sagarmal made his full contribution to the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1921 and he strongly opposed the local ruler, because the ruler of that time was very bad in dealing with the local people. Sagarmala also participated in the All India Council of Principals.

Even after entering Jaisalmer and Hyderabad, he continued his fight even after imposing restrictions on Sagarmal. Sagarmas used to inspire the people through the newspaper and book books and for them they also wrote books such as ‘Gunda Shastra of Jaisalmer State’ and ‘Raghunath Singh’s Sue’.

To achieve independence, Sagarmal’s struggle continued in Jaisalmer. In October 1938, his father died, due to which he had to return to his house again.

But the futures he had committed broke and he was arrested on May 25, 1941. But once he was made captive, he was never released. He remained in captivity till the end and died on April 4, 1946.

Memory –

In his memory, the Government of India and the Department of Posts issued a ticket in his name in the Indian Independence Movement category on December 29, 1986. Another canal of Indira Gandhi Canal was also given the name of Sagarmal Gopa.

After reading the information of this great Sagarmal gopa, we realize that from childhood he realized the oppression and injustice of the people. They wanted to change the opposite situation since childhood. Being a good family, he personally had no problem.

But the injustice done to the society in which they lived was not approved. For this, he decided to change such circumstances and dreamed of giving freedom to the country. In order to fulfill this dream, he fought all his life and did not give up. Great patriots like them are not born again and again. Such great revolutionaries are created only once and become examples for the people.

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