The story of the Wadali Brothers gave a new face to the music!

Wadali Brothers Biography

The story of the Wadali Brothers gave a new face to the music!

The world of music is very interesting. The more you go into this world, your life will be as calm and simple as ever. There are so many music stars in the country but there is something that has caught everyone in the heart and one of them is the Wadali Brothers.

It was a pair of brothers who broke up Bhai Puranchand Wadali and Pyaayalal Wadali were included in this group but last few months ago, Wadali Brothers Death – Pahalal Wadali passed away. But their story is not easy. Pahlwani is very interesting to join India’s best Sufi songwriter.

Wadali Brothers Bio
Wadali Brothers Bio

Wadali Brothers Beginning – Wadali Brothers Starting

Both Bhai Usta Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali were born in Amritsar Punjab . His father Thakurdas Wadali taught music to Purnanchand Wadali and Puranchand Wadali taught music to Pyarelal Wadali.

Initially, only Puranchand Wadali used to sing and Parelal ji played the role of Krishna in Rasli, which would have cost. Puranchand Wadali was very fond of wrestling but later he came to the music. When the idea of ​​taking Sufi music forward, it started singing in place. Never in the gurudwara or in the temple.

Wadali Brothers Career – Wadali Brothers Careers

It is said that unless someone denies it, then he does not succeed and that happened with the Wadali brothers. The year was 1975 when these two songs were sung in the Harabhullah temple of Jalandhar but they were not allowed to go to the stage. Because it does not make any difference to the songs or songs of any of them. That’s what happened in the heart and thought that now there is something to do.

After this, an All India Radio employee heard some of his songs and recorded his first song and since then people started to know them, but not so much. He started the “Master of Wadali” and then went to the place with the same program.

Entry in Bollywood-

As it turns out, every regional singer has the opportunity to sing in Bollywood, just like that with the Wadali Brothers. In 2003, he made his Bollywood debut with Gulzar songs from the movie Pingar. After this, worked in films such as Sunshine, Tanu Weds Manu and Season.

Wadali Brothers Awards – Wadali Brothers Awards

It is said that when a person is meant only by his own work, he is not concerned about respect. They themselves come to him walking and it is like this with the Wadali Brothers. In Kapil Sharma’s show, he told an interesting story that how did he not get such a big respect like Padma Shri?

In the 90’s he came to call from the Indian government that he wanted to give you the Padma Shri, but for many years, he did not read that letter. After this, when it was read, it was written that he wants to give this honor only to Purnanand Wadali, but Puran Chand refused to accept that if he did not take both of them, then a brother would not receive this honor. It was love and respect for his younger brother Pyarelal Wadali in his mind.

After this, both of them received this honor in the year 2005. The Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 1992, the Tulsi Award in 1998, the Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2003, the Padmashree in 2005 and the PTC Life Time Achievement Award in 2015, in Jalandhar.

The life of these brothers was so simple that even after being very famous, they used to ride bicycles. Even today both are not in the social media. The streets used to meet people walking by road. There was only hobby of music and pahlwani and no pretense.

Among the general public is known as “Papaji”. His son Lakhwinder is also in the world of music. The voice of both the brothers was so strong that they used very little mike.

After the death of younger brother Poorlal, elder brother Puranchand can no longer dare to sing.

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